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Animal Success Stories
If you have donated to help support the care of a specific BDR dog and you'd like an update, please let us know!

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Regal Rex, who is a very large dog, came to us with the interesting quirk of LOVING little dogs but disliking large dogs. Rex's wonderful new mom met him and offered to foster him...and the rest is history. She takes wonderful care of him and he is the only dog in a beautiful, serene home and he has regular play sessions with some small dog friends! Sometimes, he goes to doggie daycare where, you guessed it, he is in the LITTLE DOG playgroup! <3


Rosalie's poor condition was reported to authorities by a concerned neighbor. She was very ill and a severe infection caused her to not only have a seizure but lose the use of one of her back legs. Proper care and rehabilitation had Rosalie on the mend and she was noticed by a very special family who sought a companion for their dog. Little did we know that, not long after Rosalie joined their family, they would also adopt our precious Oso!


Rudy came to us missing quite a few pounds and his fur coat! He regained both and learned to trust humans, then found great parents who love him and continue to teach him things while showing him the good life. No, Rudy hasn't yet learned to drive, but he enjoys pretending!

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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